Top 5 Tips For Email Marketing Success

No one can deny the role email marketing plays in promoting companies online. While marketing via email is a powerful tool, the best use of the medium isn’t always apparent to the beginner. Below are some tips and tricks which if followed can significantly enhance your email campaign.

1. Remain Professional.

You want to maintain a delicate balance of presenting yourself casually while also displaying an ‘aura’ of professionalism as well! Remaining professional will contribute towards people holding you in higher regard and therefore taking any marketing messages you send them more seriously! Remember your subscribers need to regard you as being credible for your words to have the impact you desire! Acting unprofessionally will only serve to discredit you and tarnish your image!

2. Always address recipients by their name.

It is wise to do this even if they are just one subscriber among thousands. It stops them feeling like a number, and they are more like to read the message if it looks as though it was intended for them. Usually, the first name is enough, but for some campaigns, you may find that using the recipients last name will be more appropriate. Simple changes in the registration process can make this an automatic process.

Top 5 Tips For Email Marketing Success

3. Avoid email marketing during the holidays.

When it is the holiday season, people tend to be away from their computers and therefore check their emails less, or are more likely to be actively seeking out deals rather than passively receiving offers. If you and dozens of other companies email during the holiday, it is quite likely that when the recipient returns they will only check the essential emails, deleting everything else that has piled up during the time they have been away.

4. Make full use of the subject bar and the preview pane of your email.

The subject has a particularly crucial role. If it doesn’t catch the recipients eye or worse if it looks like spam your email will almost certainly be deleted. Be sure to use the preview pane to advertise your ‘best buy’ or the unique selling point of your campaign. Leave unnecessary information such as disclaimers and unsubscription instructions to the bottom of the page, out of the typical preview panel.

5. Ensure your email marketing campaign reflects your corporate design.

Top 5 Tips For Email Marketing SuccessWithout this customers may have difficulty making the connection between the emails and your company. If the email marketing does not reflect the corporate design of your company not only can it hurt the success of the campaign itself but it can also negatively affect the image of the company as a whole.

These top five tips may not guarantee that your email marketing campaign will be an unmitigated success, yet they will ensure that it won’t be an easily avoidable failure. Follow them, and over time, you’ll find other steps that work well for you and your campaign. The marketing success you experience with any email campaign is based on getting recipients to read what you have sent them! The size of the list of email addresses you have matters little if your marketing messages are going unread! Provided you are also focusing on building a relationship with your subscribers, these tips above will significantly increase the chances your emails are being read!